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Hevol Group Successfully held 2020 New Employee Training
To reinforce new employees’ sense of acceptance and belonging to Hevol, Human Resource Administration Center held a new employee training activity on Oct. 23rd, 2020. 134 new staff took the training which themed “Welcome the new power to Hevol to win-win the future for great development”. The training took the manner of online video which set Beijing as the main meeting place, and 12 other subsidiary companies as the branch meeting places.
Hevol Aoi Kai-Tao Hua Yuan Hospital Successfully held Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony.
On Oct. 18th 2020, Hevol Aoi Kai-Tao Hua Yuan Hospital successfully held its foundation stone laying ceremony. There were over a hundred guests at scene including leaders from Hevol Real Estate Group, the contributive medical experts, related department head, media and citizens’ representatives. All gathered here to witness the historic moment.
Hevol Headquarters Successfully Organized Mountain Climbing Activity for Team Building in Fall 2020.
In this refreshing golden October, Hevol headquarters organized a themed “Hand in Hand, Win the Future” team building activity on October 17th at Xishan National Forest Park to further build corporate culture and enhance team cohesion.
Hevol Chongqing Established Strategic Cooperation with Agile in Chongqing.
On Aug. 28th 2020, Hevol Chongqing had established strategic cooperation with Agile. Therefore, they had held the signing ceremony at Chongqing company.
Tao Hua Yuan Project of Hevol Successfully Held a Book Launch Activity
On 14:30, Aug. 8th, Colorful Guizhou Network held a book launch of “Da Guo Da Min” (Great Power and Great People) on its initial episode at Tao Hua Yuan of Hevol Blue Town in Guiyang.