Ideal construction creates a perfect life.
The New Production of Origin Series Proudly Leading the Lake Residence Style --- Grand Opening of Hevol Scenic Sunshine Phase 2 Bid 7 Section.

On June 26th 2022, the phase 2 Bid 7 section of Hevol Scenic Sunshine came to the market as a new production of top level lake residence. Opening with honor, it instantly triggering a rush to purchase across the city. "One house is hard to get" witnessed the super popularity of the project.

After 7 years of deep cultivation, Hevol Scenic Sunshine has become a synonym for a happy life in the hearts of the people of Bin County. The launch of the phase 2 Bid 7 section of Hevol Scenic Sunshine has attracted widespread attention. The customers who visited at the opening ceremony included loyal fans who have been paying attention to for a long time and have long been longing for lake residence, as well as relatives and friends. On the opening day, the marketing center was full of noise and bustle. Hundreds of people waited in advance, just waiting to grab their favorite houses. The scene was extremely popular and the enthusiasm of customers was high. People couldn’t help to marvel at the charm of Hevol Scenic Sunshine. The brand strength and project quality have long been legendary. The marketing center reported tons of good news. As of 6 p.m., 79 sets were sold vigorously, with a turnover of more than 35 million RMB. The tight position was announced to be sold out within a few hours. The hot opening scene showed the high recognition of the project by customers.

Hevol Harbin strives to fulfill its corporate pledge, only to build a perfect house entrusted with a lifetime, and to establish a new benchmark of habitat in Bin County with a product power higher than the market standard, so as to reproduce the magnificence of Hevol with efforts higher than those of real estate developers. 

2022/06/201 “Mind in Hot Sell, Talents First & Unite for the Future.” ----Hevol Real Estate Successfully Held Qingshan Meiyuan Product Seminar in Hainan.
n order to promote the sustainable and steady development of the real estate sector, summarize and promote the experience of Hainan Clear Water Bay phase II project in creating hot sell products, also optimize the project operation and operation ideas of all city companies, to establish the concept of professional and compound talent teams, and to ensure the achievement of Hevol's goals in 2022, Hevol held the Hainan work conference and the Qingshan Meiyuan project hot sell product seminar in Sanya from June 18 to 19, 2022.