Ideal construction creates a perfect life.
Enterprise Culture
  • Our vision
    “To be the most respectable real estate company in China.”
    As an enterprise, we are striving not only to expand and compete, but through continuous promotion of our brand value, sustained growth of our status within the real estate industry, customer insight,and the inspiration and commitment of our dedicated team of staff. We believe we can offer our customers the best possible products and unrivalled customer service.
  • Our core
    “Providing unrivalled service tailored specifically according to the customer’s needs, whilst being of great aid to the public.”
    We believe, here at Hevol that two of the most important elements needed to run the company are harmony and unity. Not only is this important between people, but also it is important to be in harmony with the environment to create the perfect balance for living. Our dedicated staff members actively pursue unity and harmony, and for our customers, we are striving to form positive relationships creating a win-win situation: As a company we aim to have the best possible value for our customers at the same time as providing the best opportunities for our partners and making a positive contribution to society.
    As a company, we also focus on development and creating fair opportunities for the incredibly talented individuals we employ, who we encourage to assist us in suggesting and developing advanced ideas. We are keen to put new and advanced ideas into practice, no matter how forward they may be. For the customers, our main goal is to ultimately benefit them: providing detailed feedback and constantly looking at ways to improve. We hope to make a positive impact on the people we deal with whilst repaying back society.
    Our core value is embodied in “responsibility, fairness, openness and being pragmatic”.
    —— We feel it is important to stress the responsibility that we as an enterprise have towards our customers, partners and society whilst also highlighting the companies responsibility in assisting the staff with their vocational development and helping them achieve their own personal goals.
    —— To advocate and createa fair, open and just environment for the enterprise by means of enterprise system.
    open mindedness
    —— Ideally we aim to become all inclusive, innovative and progressive. As a company based on trust and sincerity, we seek to create communication channels whilst improving the interpersonal relationships between staff members. At the same time we are dedicated to strengthening the cooperation with partners in order to create a win-win situation.
    Being pragmatic
    —— We insist on the work style of people first, and investigation before implementation.We feel it is important to be practical and realistic, and to advocate the moral idea of being honest
  • Our Purpose
    “To be the most respected real estate enterprise in China”
    We respect love and the value of life, and aim that through our projects with our team spirit, humanistic care, professional competence, and customer service philosophy, we can develop ideal buildings, in order to improve the quality of life and for our customers and ourselves.