Ideal construction creates a perfect life.
“Mind in Hot Sell, Talents First & Unite for the Future.” ----Hevol Real Estate Successfully Held Qingshan Meiyuan Product Seminar in Hainan.

In order to promote the sustainable and steady development of the real estate sector, summarize and promote the experience of Hainan Clear Water Bay phase II project in creating hot sell products, also optimize the project operation and operation ideas of all city companies, to establish the concept of professional and compound talent teams, and to ensure the achievement of Hevol's goals in 2022, Hevol held the Hainan work conference and the Qingshan Meiyuan project hot sell product seminar in Sanya from June 18 to 19, 2022. Nearly 60 people, including the management personnel of each center of the headquarter, the general assistant and above of each city company, marketing, design and engineering directors, attended the meeting.

Hot Sell Leads to Survival & Innovation

The attenders visited the sales office and model room of Qingshan Meiyuan project on the coconut coast and the bank of Clear Water Bay, and successively visited the antique carved gatehouse, the brocade hall, the former residence of Wang Yangming, a great thinker, militarist and founder of psychology in the Ming Dynasty, and the Thangka exhibition hall. The strong humanistic thought complements the value of "Ideal architecture makes perfect life." advocated by Hevol. Later, they visited the two bedroom, three bedroom and single family courtyard products. The good product power is extremely touching. Hainan Clear Water Bay phase II project perfectly integrates "Wumart" and "low price".

Taking Clear Water Bay phase II as an example, how to create popular products is the top priority of this meeting. From the sharing of popular products in Hainan, to the report on the measures and plans for creating popular products of city companies, and then to the summary of the head-quarter's popular product creation plan, the creation of popular products undoubtedly became the most colorful stroke of this meeting. To create popular products, we should adhere to the general idea of "export-oriented policies and regulations require revenue, and internal technology management explains costs", so as to achieve "increasing profits, rapid payment collection, smart financing, digging up premium and emphasizing added value". In the follow-up, Hevol should take full cost control as the starting point, sort out the operation ideas of popular products, and prepare the work instruction manual of popular products.  Believing that under the guidance of popular thinking, Hevol will be able to create more popular products that are "small and beautiful also refined" in the future!

Attracting Phoenix to Build Nests

The grand blueprint needs to be drawn up by professionals. The sustainable and steady development of Hevol depends on a high-quality and high-quality talent team, and on a group of professional and compound talents who understand management, can operate and refine business. Therefore, the key to promoting the strategic transformation of Hevol Real Estate and achieving steady development lies in talent construction. In the future, we should adhere to professionalism and let professionals do professional work; Strengthen the coordination between specialty and department, and cultivate high-quality compound talents; Strictly control the quality of the recruited talents and consolidate the echelon construction, especially the design posts, engineering posts, early-stage posts and cost posts that are crucial to the project construction, which should be selected and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding disciplines.

Success is based on talent, so as the industry. At the moment of strategic transformation, talents have played an unprecedented role in supporting our development. We need to establish and improve the mechanism of selecting, educating, using and retaining talents, so that Hevol can become a hot land for professional and compound talents with great prospects and achievements!

Unite to Save Ourselves and Fight dangerous beach for Current 

With goal guidance and talent leadership, we also need spiritual leadership. At the meeting, Li Mingqing, general manager of Harbin company, shared how the company and its employees could tide over the difficulties under the epidemic situation. Since the beginning of 2022, the epidemic situation in Harbin has been repeated, and sudden epidemic in Binxian county has closed the whole county for up to 30 days. All business work has been greatly impacted. Despite all the difficulties, all employees are united to support the company to actively carry out self-help with their own practical actions, demonstrating unity and unity The strong spiritual force of indomitable self-help also provides innovative financing paths for companies, and the on-site response is strong!

In the current general environment, we can't walk the familiar road with small vehicles, but it is difficult for big vehicles to walk the road. We should take Harbin company as an example, learn from its spirit of unity and self-help, take the indomitable will and spiritual strength to turn thorns into a smooth path, and look for a bright future in the mountains and rivers.

Xiebin, vice chairman of Hevol Group and chairman of Hevol Real Estate, made an important speech. President Xiebin stressed that under the current serious economic downturn, we can only innovate and change, strive to survive, truly establish head-quarter's system and ability to support popular products, and win the favor of the market and customers by innovating product design, pursuing the most reasonable cost, and strengthening project quality control. The general managers of city companies should take the lead of the team to unite as one, break through difficulties and successfully complete the business task!

Although the meeting is short, the spirit is long-standing. The successful holding of Hainan working conference of Hevol and the seminar on popular products of Qingshan Meiyuan project has pointed out the way forward for the creation of popular products and the optimization of project operation in the future. Let's take this meeting as the starting point, work together with key points, and start a new chapter of transformation!

2022/03/281 Hevol Group successfully held the 21st anniversary celebration meeting