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Hevol Group successfully held the 21st anniversary celebration meeting

In order to warmly celebrate the 21st anniversary of the establishment of Hevol Group and  study the difficult tasks in the second quarter under the new circumstances and further recognize the current situation, to unify our thinking, strengthen our beliefs, the Hevol Group successfully held the 21st Anniversary Celebration Meeting in March 28th, 2022. Seniro managers from the Hevol real estate, service group and education group attended the meeting.


All the past is a preface.

Over the past 21 years, Hevol has grown into a diversified enterprise group covering real estate, energy, property services and finance from scratch. This is inseparable from the hard work of many Hevolers! Looking back on the 21 years of achievements, President Liu, who is the chairman of the Hevol Group, expressed his sincere condolences and gratitude to all colleagues for their hard work. President Liu emphasized that in 2022 , we must maintain strategic concentration and achieve steady development. He hoped that all the people of Hevol would seize the opportunity, and do everything possible to achieve the performance target in 2022. At the same time, focusing on the future development, President Liu proposed "New Operation, New People and New Hevol”as the new standardization, and was committed to creating a new Hevol with "stronger sense of technology, more rational business choices, better anti-risk capabilities, and richer development fulcrums".

Fight for steady development 

Xie Bin, vice president of the Hevol group and chairman of the Hevol Real Estate, gave a keynote speech titled as " 2022, Survive!", which was starting from the re-understanding of real estate stability. The speech sounded the horn of battle, which asked all Heverlers fighting for the survive. President Xie emphasized that every step we take is difficult and our current situation is still full of dangers. We had no choice but work hard and keep a clear head, and make the right decisions to adapt to the market. Only by understanding and making right decisions can we continue to enter the next annual ring.

Dr. Li, the general counsel of the group, attended the meeting online and expressed warm congratulations on the 21st anniversary of the establishment of Hevol Real Estate Group. He delivered a keynote speech which was informative and ambitious. Also, he summarized the key words of Hevol 2022 "customer-centric", "Innovation", "slow variables" and "resilient growth". He hoped that all Hevolers will keep in mind the basic strategy of "refinement of real estate and strengthen service ", which promote the high-quality development of Hevol through model innovation.Maintain confidence and work hard

Break through difficulties and thorns to achieve excellence together

The year 2022 is a crucial year for Hevol's development, and it is also a year full of hope. Only by working hard can we achieve something different and the spirit of the struggler starts from doing every little thing well, completing every task and duty, and brightly facing difficulties. We firmly believe that with the efforts of all Hevolers, the group will have a better future.


2022/03/251 The first centralized home delivery of the Hevol HaitangFu project was successfully completed