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Fearless Protection & Together Anti-epidemic; There’s always sunshine if you’re well. -- The first line of defense for community epidemic prevention of Hevol Hainan.

Every tiny light converges on the star river. On August 1st 2022, COVID-19 broke out in Sanya. The situation of prevention and control was severe. The whole city entered into static management. Hevol Hainan built the first line of defense against the epidemic in the community.

After receiving the work deployment of the government on the implementation of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the epidemic situation, Hainan Company was faced with many difficulties such as tight timeline, heavy tasks and small manpower. The property management department responded and acted quickly, sorted out the staff and put all the staff into the front line, organized the epidemic prevention work of various projects, took timely closed management on the entrance and exit of the community, and the security guards were on duty for 24 hours; Timely post epidemic prevention publicity materials in the community and convey various policies on Wechat group; Timely store epidemic prevention materials and help contacting living materials to ensure supply; Timely arrange personnel to clean and disinfection and sterilization the public areas, and respond to the epidemic prevention work 24 hours.


However, with the continuous spread of the epidemic, there is a serious shortage of front-line staff. Chai Lulu, general manager of Hainan Company, personally led the team to organize a volunteer team. All the employees living in the Holiday Sunshine Community actively participated. They gave up their safety and resolutely chose to go to the front line of anti epidemic, cooperate to collect nucleic acid information and distribute materials to the owners of sealed buildings. At this time, they were either the Great White or the Awesome Blue; They gathered into a powerful force to break through the epidemic.

The weather is muggy, the heat and rain alternate, and the employees will sweat all over in 10 minutes when they wear airtight protective clothing. In the extremely hot environment, some staff have heatstroke symptoms, headache and dizziness. However, all the anti epidemic employees of Hainan Company have firm faith, never leave their posts, and insist on standing well for the epidemic prevention and control. Collect nucleic acid on-site, organize group purchase in the community, distribute materials to the owners, and ensure that the group of special ones go out for medical treatment, etc. no one is left out and no one is left behind. They either run around in the community or be on the road to and from the hospital every day.


The fight against the epidemic is a battle without gunpowder. The more the war situation is, the more we need brave people who are "where the mission is and where the sword is pointing at". In this world, we may be ordinary, but in this battle against the epidemic, we are never lack of greatness. We believe that with the joint efforts of all the volunteers of Hainan Company, this battle will surely end at an early date! Let’s welcome the dawn of victory together!

2022/07/011 The New Production of Origin Series Proudly Leading the Lake Residence Style --- Grand Opening of Hevol Scenic Sunshine Phase 2 Bid 7 Section.
On June 26th 2022, the phase 2 Bid 7 section of Hevol Scenic Sunshine came to the market as a new production of top level lake residence. Opening with honor, it instantly triggering a rush to purchase across the city. "One house is hard to get" witnessed the super popularity of the project.