Ideal construction creates a perfect life.
No.5 Area of Hevol Shenyang Changbai Mansion Successfully Delivered

    From Oct. 29th to Oct. 31st 2020, No.5 area of Hevol Shenyang Changbai Mansion had its delivery for 3 days. 93 sets of housing ware delivered and the owners were 100% satisfied.

    Due to coronavirus, Hevol Shenyang had broken through resistance and had strict control on project nodes to make sure it’s on schedule. Going through strict house inspection, from a blueprint to elaborate construction, Hevol Changbai Mansion has fulfilled their promise of quality and happiness, after days and nights’ high-quality work.

    It was bustling at the delivery scene. From Checking-in to data verification, from payment to house inspection and giving out gifts, No.5 area of Hevol Shenyang Changbai Mansion had been successfully delivered.

    In the future, we will remain true to the original aspiration and keep on good service on security work.


2020/10/231 Hevol Group Successfully held 2020 New Employee Training
To reinforce new employees’ sense of acceptance and belonging to Hevol, Human Resource Administration Center held a new employee training activity on Oct. 23rd, 2020. 134 new staff took the training which themed “Welcome the new power to Hevol to win-win the future for great development”. The training took the manner of online video which set Beijing as the main meeting place, and 12 other subsidiary companies as the branch meeting places.