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Hevol Chongqing organized Charitable Donations for Needy Families

    On the morning of Nov. 30th 2020, Hevol Chongqing Real Estate Company & Realty Management Company co-hosted a “Old Clothes to Keep Out the Cold” themed charitable donation activity, to actively response to the national call and promote team cohesion force. During the month of the donation, staff were encouraged to positively donate their spare clothes, books to help the needy families.

    This activity is so meaningful and worth being carried out for long terms. Hevol Chongqing has always attached importance to charity public welfare activities. They immediately had a donation after the activity. Those presents had donated their thoughtful prepared items.

    A donation can be heartwarming and a loving heart may change some life. Hevol Chongqing will insist on putting people first and dedicating for love, and also undertake more social responsibilities through optimizing management and organization.


2020/10/311 Hevol Haerbin House Delivery at Scenery Sunshine Project
The heady fragrance of laurel blossoms in this golden October. In this harvest season, the high-rise housing of Hevol Scenery Sunshine No. G1 & G2 had been delivered. Going through countless days and nights, the promise of delivery was fulfilled, from a dream blueprint to a quality living place.