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Hevol Haerbin House Delivery at Scenery Sunshine Project

    The heady fragrance of laurel blossoms in this golden October. In this harvest season, the high-rise housing of Hevol Scenery Sunshine No. G1 & G2 had been delivered. Going through countless days and nights, the promise of delivery was fulfilled, from a dream blueprint to a quality living place.

    At about 9am on the last day of Oct. 2020, the house delivery ceremony began. At this happy moment, proprietors with their family members were strolling on the red carpet, happily feeling tidiness and splendidness of their home.

    Hevol Haerbin has again handed satisfactory results on this housing delivery ceremony. We will stick to building Hevol’s unique product system and control the quality, to create favorable living environment for our proprietors.


2020/10/291 No.5 Area of Hevol Shenyang Changbai Mansion Successfully Delivered
From Oct. 29th to Oct. 31st 2020, No.5 area of Hevol Shenyang Changbai Mansion had its delivery for 3 days. 93 sets of housing ware delivered and the owners were 100% satisfied.