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Hevol Headquarters Successfully Organized Mountain Climbing Activity for Team Building in Fall 2020.

    In this refreshing golden October, Hevol headquarters organized a themed “Hand in Hand, Win the Future” team building activity on October 17th at Xishan National Forest Park to further build corporate culture and enhance team cohesion.


   At about 9am, all teams gathered at the east gate of Xishan Park. After some interesting warm-ups, all teams respectively had their team attitude show. With the breezy group atmosphere, all had soon integrated into their teams and developed each other’s trust.

    Later on, all teams went to the starting point along with the fresh air and beautiful scenery under guide of team pennant. 6 teams started climbing with high enthusiasm and cheerful voices.


    After about an hour of climbing, all 6 teams reached the top of the mountain. Standing at Gui Xiao Shi, the top of the mountain, and viewing overlapping mountains, the exhaustion from climbing suddenly went away. A prize presentation was held in applause and hurrah. In the end, all the teams started going downhill in greens.


    The success of the team building activity fully reflects Hevolers’ unity and positive spirituality. This activity also exercised team spirit and reinforced team’s sense of honor and belonging.



2020/08/281 Hevol Chongqing Established Strategic Cooperation with Agile in Chongqing.
On Aug. 28th 2020, Hevol Chongqing had established strategic cooperation with Agile. Therefore, they had held the signing ceremony at Chongqing company.