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Hevol Chongqing Established Strategic Cooperation with Agile in Chongqing.

    On Aug. 28th 2020, Hevol Chongqing had established strategic cooperation with Agile. Therefore, they had held the signing ceremony at Chongqing company.


    In first half year, Hevol Chongqing actively implemented group strategy and development requirement, and had acquired some resource integration and showed well development trend. After in-depth cooperation with Agile, Hevol Chongqing certainly will make more breakthroughs and also provide support to Agile in Chongqing. This is a win-win cooperation and it complements each other’s advantages. Both parties will further cooperate in broader fields, deeper and higher levels to fulfill mutual benefits.


    In warm applause, they had signed the strategic cooperation agreement and would have deep cooperation on more business development.

2020/08/081 Tao Hua Yuan Project of Hevol Successfully Held a Book Launch Activity
On 14:30, Aug. 8th, Colorful Guizhou Network held a book launch of “Da Guo Da Min” (Great Power and Great People) on its initial episode at Tao Hua Yuan of Hevol Blue Town in Guiyang.