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Tao Hua Yuan Project of Hevol Successfully Held a Book Launch Activity

    On 14:30, Aug. 8th, Colorful Guizhou Network held a book launch of “Da Guo Da Min” (Great Power and Great People) on its initial episode at Tao Hua Yuan of Hevol Blue Town in Guiyang. Mr. Long Yongtu and Mr. Wang Zhigang were invitied to be guest speakers. Long yongtu was former Vice Minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and was also former Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia. Wang Zhigang is a famous strategic consultant and the founder of Zhigang Think Tank. Hundreds of people attended the book launch including the serving and retired leading cadres from publicity department of The Party and Guizhou government administration, well-known private entrepreneurs, networks and media like Colorful Guizhou Network and Guizhou People’s Broadcasting Station, and also leadership of Hevol Guiyang. The live streaming attracted 3.162 million people to watch online.

    Long Yongtu and Wang Zhigang made their speeches respectively on “How to Read and Understand China” under the current complex domestic and foreign situation. They noted that there’s uniqueness and unlimited potential and value in Guizhou’s resources, geographical position, natural environment, culture and food.

    Hevol Tao Hua Yuan has reached the altitude of spreading and promoting world civilization. It has built 3,600 mu ideal land around the philosophy of “origin of life” as its value idea is to go back to the origin of life to inherit millennial Jiangnan style architecture and classical garden and to turn a new page for ideal habitation in Guiyang.


2020/07/221 Hevol Haitang Mansion Project Delivered Summer Coolness for Acknowledgement
To acknowledge the strongly support and assistance from proprietors and partners, Haitang Mansion Project of Hevol Hainan Organized a special activity to deliver summer coolness in July of 2020.