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“10 years makes a tree, 100 years makes a person” -- Hevol Beijing carried out tree planting activity with full passion.

     Spring has come with the buds appear. At 2:00pm on Mar. 16th 2019, for the celebration of Hevol’s 18th anniversary and to further improve Hevolers’ sense of social responsibility, Hevol Beijing has carried out a voluntary tree planting activity themed “10 years makes a tree, 100 years makes a person” at Tiantai Mountain. Whole staff and some of their families from Hevol Beijing participated in the activity and totally planted 188 saplings.

     At the scene of tree planting, every one of them took an active part in planting work after they were grouped. Some of them dig holes on the dirt ground and some of them helped watering the saplings. Their goal was to make sure each sapling would grow up to a tall tree to add more green areas for the project and the city.

    This planting activity not only helped strengthen staffs’ will, but also promoted the united spirit of mutual collaboration. At the same time, it has sent the best wishes to celebrate Hevol’s 18th birthday. They wish that Hevol will glory forever!

2019/03/101 Hevol Chongqing had a “staff’s family opening day” event for Hevol’s 18th anniversary celebration.
In this spring, magnolia and peach blossom are blooming in Chongqing. Hevol Chongqing had a “staff’s family opening day” event from March 9th to 10th, to celebrate Hevol’s 18th anniversary at the sales center of Wen Hua Mansion. This event aimed to walk each staff and their families into Hevol, to have an insight of Hevol’s culture and feel the charm of Hevol.