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Hevol Chongqing had a “staff’s family opening day” event for Hevol’s 18th anniversary celebration.

    In this spring, magnolia and peach blossom are blooming in Chongqing. Hevol Chongqing had a “staff’s family opening day” event from March 9th to 10th, to celebrate Hevol’s 18th anniversary at the sales center of Wen Hua Mansion. This event aimed to walk each staff and their families into Hevol, to have an insight of Hevol’s culture and feel the charm of Hevol.

    As the first project of Mansion Series 2.0 in Hevol Chongqing, the “Master’s Academy” themed sales center of Wen Hua Mansion manifests rich oriental cultural deposits. The real estate counselors first introduced the zone of the project, and its characteristics and advantages to the staff and their families. Soon afterwards, they were taken to visit the hardcover model house, and were explained of the customers’ concerns about first handing over the houses. This event let every participant have a close look at the Mansion and helped with the nationwide marketing strategy.


2019/01/291 Holiday Sunshine Hevol held 2019 New Year’s gala for owners.
Jan. 19th, 2019 is Chinese Xiao Nian (a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days) this year. On that day, holiday Sunshine Hevol successfully held the 2019 New Year’s gala for their owners.