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Hevol Real Estate successfully held the New Employee Training Camp

    To help the new staff quickly involve in the company and further understand the development planning, Hevol Real Estate held a New Employee Training Camp on Jun. 1st to deliver a smart and united group of staff with a “can-do” spirit.
    The training camp kicked off by a delightful ice-breaking ceremony. At 8 am on Jun. 2, the new staff started their way to conquer the Wild Great Wall in the sun. After walking 3 kilometers, they charged to the smoke towers at the peak of the mountain. Everyone helped and encouraged each other in the 3-hour climbing which absolutely showed their mettle as a part of Hevol family.
    They are believed that they will achieve their own value on Hevol’s platform and help build up a splendid future!

2018/03/241 Hevol Chengdu held the city conference for Lu Jiang Mansion
Hevol Chengdu conducted a city conference for Lu Jiang Mansion at Hilton Hotel on March. 17, 2018. The conference attracted the elites from all the industries, home owners, potential customers and media in Chengdu.