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Hevol Chengdu held the city conference for Lu Jiang Mansion

Hevol Chengdu conducted a city conference for Lu Jiang Mansion at Hilton Hotel on March. 17, 2018. The conference attracted the elites from all the industries, home owners, potential customers and media in Chengdu.

Lu Jiang Mansion of Hevol Chengdu unveiled its mysterious mask in the beautiful lights of the galaxy hall. The project has been shown its highlights and features in the following dimensions scenery: scenery, yards and mansions. The classical arts combined with modern technology has been implanted in the idea of living in the yards in the air which was also perfectly represented on the conference. Lu Jiang Mansion has deeply practiced the idea of creating outstanding products and is dedicated to providing a lux space to customers.

Recently, Lu Jiang Mansion has increasingly given rise to great attention from other peers, media and customers, also has become the new hot product in the new district of Chengdu.

2018/02/141 Model houses & demonstration area of Hevol Chengdu’s Lujiang Mansion open during this Spring Festival.
Having 3 halls and 2 enclosed open courtyards, and a bird’s-eye view from above of viewing the lake, your mansion is opening in this beautiful late winter.