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Model houses & demonstration area of Hevol Chengdu’s Lujiang Mansion open during this Spring Festival.

Having 3 halls and 2 enclosed open courtyards, and a bird’s-eye view from above of viewing the lake, your mansion is opening in this beautiful late winter.


After Chengdu Hevolers’s unity and cooperation, the model houses and demonstration area of Hevol Chengdu’s Lujiang Mansion have successfully opened on Feb.14, 2018. Lujiang project is a high-end product which is placed in the southwest area by Hevol Real Estate. Having the superior location and unique design, the team has been consistently polishing this product trying to provide the superlatively valued living experience to their clients.


Lujiang Mansion of Hevol will definitely be the best selling houses in the southwest area of China and will for sure help serve the group company for its leaping development.

2018/01/211 “The Youth in the Past”now dancing all around town! – Flash Mob from Rongcheng Mansion in Wu Yi business area.
Rongcheng Mansion has held a flash mob dancing activity at several walking streets in Changsha on Jan. 21st 2018. A bunch of pretty young girls in military uniforms were dancing with the Fanghua theme song in front of the huge LED screen. Crowds were attracted by the pretty and nostalgic dance, and the dancing event which lighted the passion of the whole town was the focal point in Wu Yi business area on that day.