Ideal construction creates a perfect life.
No.2 Section of Hevol Chongqing Wenhua Mansion with Refined Decoration Successfully Delivered

    Hevol Wenhua Mansion Project keeps the clients in center to only create boutique houses with good quality.

    On Dec. 30th 2020, Wenhua Mansion of Hevol Chongqing was successfully delivered to 1,300 households with refined decoration.

    Hevol Wenhua Mansion project is located at the core of Gaozhi City in Longzhou Bay Area. It has nice living atmosphere with complete living facilities around. It’s constituted of western-style houses in North and South area plus high-rise buildings. It’s also mating with kindergarten and park to meet the living needs.

    To keep the delivery on time and give owners nice experience, team of the project started working overtime from November. They remembered not to ignore a single detail of construction or compromise on any construction standard. They had high- efficient executive force and the courage and mind of overcoming difficulties, to push conducting work orderly.

    The No.2 section of western-style houses of Wenhua Mansion were successfully delivered. It symbols that Wenhua Mansion project of Hevol Chongqing is officially in the living period for the owners. Hevol Chongqing will continue create nice-quality products and reinforce the process control and quality management, to give owners a nice living environment.


2020/11/301 Hevol Chongqing organized Charitable Donations for Needy Families
On the morning of Nov. 30th 2020, Hevol Chongqing Real Estate Company & Realty Management Company co-hosted a “Old Clothes to Keep Out the Cold” themed charitable donation activity, to actively response to the national call and promote team cohesion force. During the month of the donation, staff were encouraged to positively donate their spare clothes, books to help the needy families.