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Feng Nan Dacheng Mansion Project of Hevol Successfully held a DIY Activity of Summer Fresh Fruit Drink

     On the afternoon of May 24th 2020, Feng Nan Dacheng Mansion Project of Hevol Tangshan successfully held a DIY activity of Summer Fresh Fruit Drink. The activity aimed to create more parent-child time for proprieties through parent-child interaction at the scene. Also, they were committed to build high-end quality habitable community.

     Dacheng Mansion of Hevol possesses villa landscape with the whole architectural style of tradition and grace. The mansion embodies the artistic conception of royal garden and the sense of order of royal mansion. It perfectly combinates modern architectural aesthetics. Internally, there are supporting facilities as community dinning hall, gym, swimming pool, children’s education center and sunken courtyard. It also equipped with 8 intelligent systems to convoy propriety’s healthy and safe life.

     Current hot-sale products are the large-sized ones and the brand influence is gradually expanding in local area. Through this summer drink activity, all proprieties could have the live experience of the supporting facilities, to experience the high-quality community and the high-standard property service. Hevol Dacheng Mansion will definitely present a Chinese style courtyard residence for Fengnan.

2020/04/291 Jiang Shan International Project of Hevol Chongqing Successfully delivered No.8 & No.9 Buildings
On Apr. 28th and Apr. 29th 2020, Jiang Shan International project of Hevol Chongqing successfully delivered No.8 & No.9 buildings. It symbolized the team united as one to win the signal victory of the epidemic fight.